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About VTS Systems towing software.

Vehicle Tracking and StorageAs our name implies Vehicle Tracking and Storage, VTS Systems is a leading North American towing software company, dedicated to provide products and services for the vehicle towing, recovery and the vehicle impoundment industry. We focus our business model on efficiently managing the productivity and profitability of companies involved with the dispatch, towing, recovery and storage lot management of motor vehicles. Our clients are privately owned wrecker companies, vehicle storage facilities and cities involved in traffic related, Incident Management.

VTS Systems, (a division of Collision Management USA LP) has assumed the role of industry listener, software developer, and every day business support for our many clients. Collision Management and VTS Systems are family owned and managed, and we are debt free. Our partners and employees are passionate about customer satisfaction and the simplified use of leading edge computer technology to enhance client profitability and employee productivity. Our software is designed and coded in Texas, and our Sales Associates, product training and technical support team work in the United States and Canada. The quality and reliability of our product allows us to offer exceptional one-on-one customer training and support whenever needed.

vehicke towing softwareChris Hulsey, our chief technical officer and software guru began developing Vehicle Tracking System 2000 (VTS) in 1996 and with more than 20 years of development, it has evolved into  VTS Lite and VTS Classic, more recently we introduced the next generation of web/cloud based technology, VTS Cloud.  Back in the early days, our distribution was limited by the technology of the day, and limited to the City of Houston and East Texas, but as our client base grew along with enhancements in computer and communications technology, aided by the explosion of the Internet, so did our reputation for excellence and the number and location of customers we serve.

Today, we manage thousands of tows every day. More than 150 towing, recovery companies located in metropolitan Houston/Harris County, alone rely on VTS software solutions to support their daily business operations, along with many hundreds more throughout the United States and Canada.
Our goal remains the same today, as when we began. “Relationships built on trust, one client at the time.”  We strive to earn our clients trust and provide them with a quality product of exceptional reliability, value, and the support they deserve, when they need it.

easy to use towing softwareKeeping any product “industry current” is always a challenge, but a challenge that VTS Systems readily accepts. Every towing and recovery company knows that our industry is undergoing rapid technological and legislative changes, and for many of you, this is of a concern, both psychologically and financially. Every two years or so, your state or provincial government passes new legislative statutes that frequently impact the towing, recovery and vehicle storage industry. Our goal is to work with our clients, state and provincial towing associations and legislative bodies to identify and implement these changes into the software and using the latest computer and communications technology, automate and reduce the workload on the average towing company.

VTS software is licensable throughout North America and we pay particular attention to our client’s compliance. Nowhere is this truer than in the state of Texas. Texas is the most legislated and regulated state when it comes to towing compliance, and VTS Systems software is fully compliant with state statute and regulator policies, along with Notification/Lien letters and Vehicle Release documentation. It is acknowledged by our competitors and the majority of our customers that no one implements storage lot management better than VTS Systems.

In 2007 we began offering  VTS Lite a simplified version of VTS Classic specifically designed to meet the needs of small family-owned towing and or storage lot businesses. In 2010 we expanded our original automated MVR process to include multi-state access; currently with our association with Auto Data Direct, we offer some 36 US states online. More will follow! Canada unfortunately has privacy laws that prohibit direct tow company access to ownership information, but we are working on a possible solution. Moreover, in the USA through our collaboration with Auto Data Direct we integrated their DirectPost Office (DPO) to provide a fully automated electronic certified mail service, “No more going to the Post Office”. As our industry has grown, so have we, VTS Systems has increased the scaling of VTS Classic to meet the needs of larger companies who operate from multiple locations, across state lines, and under multiple trading names.

In addition, to accommodate those with expanded needs we’ve added optional modules to complement the standard features.

Optional Expansion Modules
• VTS/Multi-state DMV access
• VTS/DPO Automated Electronic Certified Mail,
• Classic Heavy Duty,
• Classic/Cloud QuickBooks,
• Classic/Cloud Auction Package
• Classic/Cloud Incident Management, designed for use by municipalities and our latest module
• Classic/Cloud GPS Telematics

“Only license what you need.” More information on these optional modules on their respective pages or call for details.


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