Our Most Powerful Server/PC Based Towing Software Package, to-date!

available with optional add-on modules
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VTS Classic Software Towing Features

Our Most Powerful Server/PC Based Towing Software Package, to-date!

Available with optional add-on modules

Below are outlined the features of VTS Classic and the municipal/law enforcement version, VTS Classic IM (Incident Management)

  • Single PC or secure Server and Multiple (20+) workstation capable Windows Server 2003-2012, Windows System 7,8 and 10
  • Simple one write system, supports back office base entry, multiple drop-down menus, and type assist features reduce operator fatigue and the time required to enter data
  • Low monthly license and support fee:
    • Prompt, ongoing telephone and live on-workstation interactive internet problem solving support via LogMeIn Rescue and VTS Tech-Talk
    • Includes standard product software upgrades and future additions
    • Twice daily off-site data back-up, provides for catastrophic recovery from PC failure, networks can also be built with fail-over redundancy
  • Secure operator permission controls (job grade allows restrictive access to company confidential information)
  • Audit trail of operator data entry, date and time event records
  • Immediate tow ticket entry at the time initial call received, limits error and the omission of lost calls. (No more sticky notes!)
  • Feature rich, cost effective and affordable

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Towing Features

  • Dispatcher entered, or automated system assigned tow ticket numbers, which will not duplicate
  • User definable 12 or 24 hours clock
  • Automated electronic TOWFLOW™ Dispatch, provides dispatcher with total control over driver and the tow process, may be further enhanced with the use of optional GPS Telematics
    • Automated time stamp of operator and driver input during tow process
    • Fully automated, one-way dispatch tow information via SMS text messaging to drivers (federal law prevents two-way texting from commercial vehicles)
    • Preset or adjustable call sector timing: Call Received, Call Dispatched, On-Route, On-Site, Loaded/Rolling, Arrived/Dropped, and Call Cleared. All sectors of the call are date and time stamped
    • Dispatcher adjustable alarm, alerts dispatcher to driver delays, allowing improved asset management
    • Post-dated job/tow scheduling, jobs pop-up in the call log at 12:01 am on required day
  • Minimal typing or data entry-drop-down menus provide fast easy tow ticket entry
  • Red flags indicate major data entry or missing data errors, (e.g. no invoice #, no VIN, no plate, etc.) preventing further input until the error is corrected
  • Yellow flags indicate duplicate use of invoice numbers or other entry errors, operator may proceed aware of possible conflict
  • Impounds for LEA and PPI clients are set-up as no charge accounts. Charges accrue to Storage Lot Account, which claimant (registered owner/agent or lien holder) clears receivable on release and payment
  • System default or individual client pricing and discounts
  • When set, system will auto apply discounts, towing and recovery fees eliminating operator error
  • Pricing or value entries can be updated at any time, from ticket entry to vehicle release
  • Tow tickets end as cash, credit card, debit card payment or a house accounts receivable
  • Standard accounting practices, effectively manage cash payments, monthly statements and accounts receivable
  • Simple and efficient driver commissions payable by the tow or pay period, system will only pay commission once

VTS Classic – VSF Features

  • Automatically assigns a unique VSF stock number (cannot duplicate)
  • Automatically imports dispatched towing and or recovery fees and adds a separate line item to VSF lot fees
  • Automatically applies state allowed preservation or impoundment fee (if applicable)
  • Automatically applies daily storage fees according to vehicle type and fee structure until release date
  • Daily storage fee can be manually changed to reflect vehicle size fee structure
  • Automatically observers delayed storage billing or 12 hour storage fee ruling (Texas and other states)
  • Automatically applies legal notification/lien fees
  • Automatically calculates and applies state towing and vehicle storage taxes where applicable
  • Reporting structure calculates and produces a monthly, quarterly, or yearly state tax report (if applicable)
  • Fully automated multi-state Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) access and data recovery (optional) currently we provide 30 DMV state online
  • Automatically places MVR owner/lienholder data into the correct entry fields
  • Allows for interactive operator decision on accepting the VIN or license plate information
  • Automatically enters registered owners and lien holders into the database
  • Federally mandated – automated NMVTIS salvage or junk reporting on vehicles eligible for title ownership (optional)
  • Automatically flags (green) second registered owners automatically prints a second registered owner notification letter, if name and address is different to the primary registered owner, etc.
  • System allows for the importing of digital images to the VSF stock number (private property, and LEA accident images on impoundment)
  • Prints fully populated inventory sheet available with VIN and registered owner on VSF entry, Inventory Sheet can be used to fax or email non-consent vehicle impound data to LEA
  • Inventory sheet provides drivers/operators with a no write record of personal possessions located in vehicle
  • Inventory sheet provides signature box for collection or retrieval of personal property (when allowed)
  • Inventory sheet provides signature box for the owners approval to release the vehicle to insurance company for salvage or repairs (Texas VSF’s also require the completion of TDLR form VSF 011)
  • Inventory sheet provides signature box for the transfer of vehicle title to cover towing and storage debt, when the vehicle is wrecked and owner has no insurance, no money or intent of claiming vehicle)
  • Vehicles placed on LEA Vehicle Hold cannot be released in error, system holds vehicle until LEA hold is removed (compliant with federal 18 US code §981-Civil Forfeiture or Texas Title 59-Hold and Seizure Act)
  • System provides for the printing of a federal 18 US code §981-Civil Forfeiture or On-Hold, Title 59 letter in addition to notification/lien letters
  • Automated on-time printing of notification and lien holder letters (VTS/DPO seamlessly integrated electronic certified mail option,  a single mouse action will send via the Internet all electronic certified mail to the USPS or its agent, via the national clearing center for printing and delivery of all notification or lien holder letters)
    • First notification letter and first lien holder letter (1 through 5 days[State defined])
    • Second and final notification and lien holder letter automatically scheduled after first letter is printed [State defined])
    • VTS/DPO provides for a multi-state MVR’s and automated certified mail (additional State MVR service charges are applicable)
    • First out-of-state notification and lien holder letter (State defined)
    • Auto printing of newspaper notices (State defined)
    • 10 day abandoned vehicle notice to LEA (State defined) (Texas Transportation Code 683.031)
    • LEA auction request letter (State defined)
    • Auction letter (State defined)
    • LEA city reports
    • LEA, Sheriff County reports
  • System allows for automated vehicle release, second tow ticket, consent tow transfers to a body shop or dealership incorporating second tow or an auction release. Vehicle transfers in Texas require legal separation of consent and non-consent tows (2 tow tickets)
  • Automated state (Texas HB 2094/HB2571) compliant vehicle release process
  • Drop-down menus allow for selection of state (State-Right of Possession) release documentation
    • VSF010 Lien Holder Power of Attorney
    • VSF011- General Right of Possession Form
  • System scans and stores to electronic Storage Lot Record, photo images of driver’s license or state issued identity documents (optional scanner required)
  • Automatically prints 2 or more released documents for signature (vehicle owner or release agent and VSF)
  • Upon release, payment is automatically posted to Accounts Receivable
  • If released to a body shop or dealership with account privileges, the system will automatically add the initial tow and storage lot charges, plus transferred charges to the monthly statement of account
  • More than 200+ management reports assist in the daily operation of your towing and VSF business
  • Monthly or quarterly state taxes report
  • Searches for a lot or tow vehicle can be accomplished by the following:
    • Invoice number
    • Last four numbers of the VIN
    • PO number
    • License plate
    • Tow truck number
    • Driver/operator
    • Customer name
    • Date towed or impounded
    • Unique stock number
    • Date in
    • Owners name
    • Bill to address
    • Released date
    • Year, make and model
    • Make and model
    • Repair order number

Optional  VTS Classic Enhancement Packages

VTS Heavy Duty Module – provides for the needs of the Heavy-Duty tower with custom invoicing, 80 lines of HD itemized services and pricing. The HD package reduces to minutes instead of hours the itemized Insurance company recovery detailing and incident management invoicing. The HD module makes these tasks easy for the HD towers.

VTS QB Integration Module – provides for full QuickBooks integration for those companies with extended accounting requirements. Collision Management is a licensed partner of Intuit, and VTS Classic literally drives billable to QuickBooks, any financial information, driver commission, or bonuses, billing item or client account entered into  VTS Classic is automatically posts to QB. As a single one write system, this saves hours of repetitive data enter. VTS QB eliminates human errors and reduces the amount of office personnel required to manage your business.

VTS Auction Module – for those VSFs or LEA sanctioned impounds that hold their own auctions, VTS Systems also offer a fully automated Auction Package. VTS Auction module advises the VSF which vehicles meet the state’s legal notification requirements and is therefore eligible for sale at a public auction or public sale. The VTS Auction module, compiles, and prints the state and LEA required auction forms, manages the auction process, calculates the state taxes required under the tax code on storage, (if applicable) and provides a buyer statement and the VSF a full Auction P&L report.

Hundreds of towing companies entrust VTS Systems to maintain their company’s profitability.

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