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VTS Lite Software Towing Features

Easy To Use Towing Software

Experience tow software like never before

  • single PC based operation Windows OS – System 7, 8 and 10
  • cost effective and affordable
  • low cost monthly license, support and maintenance fee includes:
    • ongoing telephone and live one-on-one, on workstation internet problem solving support 8:00 till 8:00 EST
    • emergency support
    • future software upgrades and additions
    • off-site back-up of your VTS towing and VSF data
  • simple one write system
  • operator permission controls (job grade allows defined access and viewing features)
  • operator data entry audit trail type of data entered and the date and time event record
  • easy electronic data entry at the time call received-no more paper notes
  • minimal typing or data entry-drop-down menus provide fast easy tow ticket entry
  • red flags major errors preventing further input (no invoice #, no VIN, no plate, etc.)
  • yellow flags duplicate use of invoice numbers or other errors
  • PC keyboarded, SMS text messaging to drivers or hard copy instructions
  • LEA and PPI clients calls set-up as no charge billing to client accounts, charges accrue to Storage Lot Account, which claimant (registered owner/agent or lien holder) clears on release
  • pricing or value entries can be changed at any time
  • tow tickets end as cash, credit card payment or house account receivable
  • effectively manages cash payments , monthly statements and accounts receivable
  • simple and efficient driver commissions payable by the tow or pay period, system will only pay commission once

VTS Lite – VSF Features

  • automatically assigns a unique storage lot stock number (cannot duplicate)
  • automatically imports towing and or recovery fees and adds to VSF lot fees
  • automatically applies impound or preservation fee (if applicable)
  • automatically observers delayed storage billing or 12 hour storage fee ruling (Texas)
  • automatically applies daily storage fees according to vehicle type and fee structure until release date
  • automatically applies legal notification/lien letter fees
  • fully automated multi-state Motor Vehicle Record (MVR- 30s) access and data recovery (optional)
  • automatically places MVR owner/lienholder data into the correct entry fields
  • allows for interactive operator decision on accepting the automated VIN or license plate information
  • automatically enters registered owners and lien holders into the database
  • federally mandated – automated NMVITS salvage or junk reporting on vehicles eligible for title ownership (optional)
  • automatically flags (green) second registered owners and prints a second registered owner notification letter, if name and address is different to the primary registered owner, etc.
  • system allows for the importing of digital images to the VSF stock number (Police incident management or private property impound, etc.)
  • prints fully populated inventory sheet available with VIN and registered owner on VSF entry
  • inventory sheet provides drivers/operators to record personal possessions located in vehicle
  • inventory sheet provides signature box for collection or retrieval of personal property
  • inventory sheet provides signature box for the owners approval to release the vehicle for insurance repairs
  • inventory sheet provides signature box for transfer of vehicle title to VSF (vehicle wrecked, no insurance, no money, and no intention of claiming vehicle, etc.)
  • vehicles placed on LEA Vehicle Hold cannot be released in error, system holds vehicle until hold is removed (compliant with federal 18 US code §981-Civil Forfeiture or Texas Title 59-Hold and Seizure Act)
  • system provides for the printing of a federal 18 US code §981-Civil Forfeiture or On-Hold, Title 59 letter in addition to notification/lien letters
  • automated on-time printing of notification and lien holder letters (single mouse action will print all notification or lien holder letters)
    • first notification letter and first lien holder letter (applicable to state rules)
    • second and final notification and lien holder letter (if applicable to state rules)
    • first out-of-state notification and lien holder letter
    • printed newspaper notices (applicable to state rules)
    • 7 to10 day abandoned vehicle letter to LEA (applicable to state rules)
    • LEA auction request letter (applicable to state rules)
    • auction letter (applicable to state rules)
    • LEA city reports (applicable to state or municipal rules)
    • LEA, Sheriff County reports (applicable to state rules)
  • supports standard USPS certified mail, or USPS electronic Certified mail & Multi-state MVR data via USPS or licensed USPS licensed agent
  • system allows for automated vehicle release, transfer to a body shop or dealership incorporating second tow or an auction release
  • automated state compliant vehicle release process
  • automatically prints released documents for signature (vehicle owner or release agent and VSF)
  • upon release, payment is automatically applied to Accounts Receivable
  • more than 200+ management reports assist in the daily operation of your business
  • monthly quarterly state sales taxes report on released vehicles (if applicable)
  • search for a lot or tow vehicle can be accomplished by the following:
    • invoice number
    • last four numbers of the VIN
    • PO number
    • license plate
    • tow truck number
    • driver/operator
    • customer name
    • date towed or impounded
    • stock number
    • date in
    • owners name
    • bill to address
    • released date
    • year, make and model
    • make and model
    • repair order number

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