VTS Classic Optional Modules

1. Classic HD – (Classic Heavy Duty): provides for the needs of Heavy-Duty tow companies or those who tow or haul heavy equipment with HD custom invoicing. Classic HD provides up to 80 lines of individual company pre-itemized, services and pricing. To create an HD ticket, just enter the unit values into the pre-itemized, self explanatory data line, the invoice and subsequent statement are complete. This really makes Insurance Company recovery report detailing and incident management invoicing easy for the heavy equipment user.

2. Classic QB – (Classic/QuickBooks): although not considered necessary for the majority of our clients, Classic QB provides for companies with extended accounting requirements by providing full VTS Classic/QuickBooks integration. VTS Classic literally drives QuickBooks, any tow ticket, driver commission or bonuses, billing item or customer account information entered into VTS Classic,posts automatically to QuickBooks. As a single one-write system, this saves hours of repetitive data entry. VTS Classic QB eliminates human errors and reduces the amount of office personnel required to manage your business.

3. Classic AP – (Classic Auction Package): for those VSFs which hold and process their own auctions, we also offer a fully automated Auction Package, which advises the VSF which vehicles are eligible for sale, Classic AP compiles and prints the state required auction forms, manages the auction process real time, and calculates the state taxes. (If applicable) Classic AP provides a full audit trail, including a buyer statement and the VSF a full Auction P&L report.

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